The latest TV series is on record, and Zhang Yi will shoot My Leader My Mission again

The latest TV series is on record, and Zhang Yi will shoot “My Leader My Mission” again
Sauna Night Network News On February 13, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television released the preparations for the January 2020 TV series, with a total of 84 programs and 3239 episodes.52 contemporary contemporary, 1931 episodes, accounting for 61 of the total publicity.9% and 59.62%; Hyundai Intensified 5, 221 episodes, accounting for 5 of the total publicity.95% and 6.82%; there may be 16, 622 episodes in modern times, accounting for 19 of the total number of announcements.05% and 19.2%; 11 books in ancient times, 465 episodes, accounting for 13 of the total public announcements.1% and 14.36%.Among them, the “Fan Hua” produced by Wang Jiawei was officially filed, and the TV series “I really love you” starring Liu Tao and Du Chun also appeared in the record, and the classic opera “White Hair Girl” will also be made into a TV series.In addition, “My Leader, My Team Battle to the End” produced by Anrui Film and Television attracted attention.The protagonist of the play, Meng Meng, is troubled by the role played by Zhang Yi in the 2009 classic TV series “My Leader and My Regiment”, and Anrui Film and Television is also the company where Zhang Yi works.However, it is still unclear whether “My Commander My Team Battle to the Final Chapter” is a remake or a sequel of “My Commander My Team”.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Lu Qian