Delly Lindo bid farewell to The Battle of Pride, the producer said that he would not write the character to death

Delly Lindo bid farewell to “The Battle of Pride”, the producer said that he would not write the character to death
According to foreign media reports, Delroy Lindo, the actor who played the law firm’s boss Adrian Bosman in the CBS legal theme drama “The Battle of Pride”, announced that he will complete the fourth season.go away.The producer of the play stated that he would not write this character to death, and hopes to invite Delilin Lindo to come back for a cameo afterwards.The fourth season of “The Battle of Pride” is scheduled to go live on April 9 this year.Delly Lindo is in the play.The picture comes from the network “The good fight” (The good fight) is a derivative of “The good wife” (The good wife), performed by the husband and wife files Robert King (Robert King) and Michelle King (Michelle King).Producer.The show is based on the Chicago Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart law firm and shows the struggle stories of three female lawyers of different ages.Delly Lindo plays the Adrian Bosman, the firm’s boss.From the first season of “The Battle of Pride”, Delly Lindo is the resident actor of the series and signed a four-season contract with the crew.After shooting the fourth season, he chose not to renew his contract.The couple, the producer of “The Battle of Pride”, said: “We will miss Delly Lindo very much. He is both the boss of the law firm and an important role in this drama.He can always find a good balance between the style of comedy and Shakespeare’s drama.We also understand that he wants to try different directions, but hope to have the opportunity to invite him to come back and make a guest appearance with Adrian Bosman.Rest assured, we will not ‘kill’ this character.”It is reported that Delilin Lindo will join the ABC drama” Harlem District Restaurant “after leaving” The Battle of Pride “.Sauna, Yenet Editor Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na Proofreading Li Lijun