AC Milan 1-4 away, Atletico Madrid out of the horse for the first time in the Champions League quarter-finals

AC Milan 1:4 loses Atletico Madrid out of the horse 18 recently entered the Champions League quarterfinals for the first time
On March 12, Beijing time, the 2013/14 season UEFA Champions League 1/8 final round a focus game at the Calderon stadium, AC Milan lost 1 to 4 away at Atletico Madrid, which scored for the first time in 17 yearsUEFA Champions League top 8.  Atletico opened the lead in just 149 seconds. Kekai crossed from the right and unguarded Diego Costa shot from the edge of the penalty area.AC Milan equalized the score in the 27th minute. Polly crossed from the right. Unguarded Kaka header from the top left corner of the penalty area. The ball hit the tibia of Juan Fran’s thigh and entered the net.AC Milan nearly overcame the score in the 36th minute. Tarabut made a tactical corner pass from the right and Kaka header from the edge of the small penalty area was slightly higher.  Atletico led again in the 40th minute. Raul Garcia stopped the ball and ferryed. Turan half-volleyed the top of the arc in the penalty area and hit Lamy. He was wrapped into the upper right corner, 2-1.In halftime, Balotelli gave the referee Krattenberg a yellow card warning for refusing a penalty and he will miss the next Champions League game.  In the second half, Robinho replaced Tarabut.Atletico Atletico with a total score of 3-1 lead strengthened control, while AC Milan strengthened the snatch.Atletico expanded the score in the 70th minute, Kekai free kick into the penalty area, Raul Garcia topped the lower left corner at 12 yards, 3-1.In the 85th minute, Gabi and Sosa passed the ball, Diego Costa shot into the far corner 8 yards to the right of the penalty area, 4-1.This is his 29th goal this season, including 5 goals in 5 Champions League games.